Liquidator FAQ

What Is a Liquidator?

Liquidation is a business process whereby the merchandise or products in the warehouse or in a store is being liquidated for various reasons. Often the owner is going out of business, or changing product lines, or is in bankruptcy. These business’s want to liquidate their entire stock at one time rather than have a drawn out liquidation sale.

What Is Dimensional Shipping Weight?

When shipping lightweight but bulk items we are required to use dimensional weight for shipping weights. Dimensional weight allows ground and express couriers to base rates on not only weight but size as well.

For example, UPS uses this formula to calculate dimensional weight: LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT / 166.
To learn more, please visit the relevant pages at UPS and Fedex (links open in new windows.)

How Does a Liquidator Acquire Merchandise?

A business such as Topper Liquidators will buy the merchandise or products and then offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price in the bulk quantity that they purchased. We also provide liquidation services with cash to liquidate closeout merchandise, excess inventories, and merchandise that no longer has a market in the area. All of our merchandise has never been used and it is in the original package.

Our products range from designer clothing to the Italian designed footwear and from designer eye ware to electronic games. By having a network of contacts, both in the manufacturing and retail realms, and by visiting trade-shows and auctions, a liquidator will acquire merchandise at prices well below even wholesale pricing. By committing to large lots, a liquidator can reduce the per-unit price of merchandise and offer nearly unbelievable pricing to their customers.

What Are the Advantages of Buying From a Merchandise Liquidator?

Topper’s unlimited buying power and its reputation among people who arrange liquidations is unmatched, and the savings gained from this buying power is passed along to our customers. There is no better place to buy merchandise in bulk at a great price than at Topper.

We are able to store the items and then sell them to other businesses that can make a profit by selling these at a retail price. We are able to offer the goods at a significantly reduced price which makes reselling attractive. We offer prices WELL BELOW wholesale to every customer. The published price is what you pay. We sell any quantity you need. We list a lot of merchandise and the price you will pay is the price listed.

Who Can Use a Liquidator's Services?

Many liquidators will only deal with companies who purchase the goods for resale. However, Topper Liquidators has always made our merchandise available to the public as well. Since, by nature, our lots will represent our entire stock of a specific item, we find that both retailers and individuals get the best deal from us every time.

Resale of Merchandise and Tax Issues.

We primarily provide merchandise to retailers. If the retailer is located out of state (anywhere outside of Florida) we by default do not charge sales tax. If your business operates in the state of Florida for retail sales, feel free to provide us with your Tax ID number and we will be able to offer you merchandise without charging tax.

For more information on the resale of goods purchased through Topper Liquidators, visit our Resale Information Page.

Wholesale Merchandise vs. Liquidated Merchandise

Wholesale merchandise is normally merchandise currently being produced and being offered at a discount over retail price. In many cases in order to purchase at wholesale prices, you need to have a relationship with the producer or distributor to be able to get wholesale pricing.

The difference between our liquidation merchandise and wholesale, is that we offer prices WELL BELOW wholesale to everyone, every day. We have no minimum order quantities, when we list a lot of merchandise, the price listed is the price you will pay, no minimum. We do also offer bulk discounts, which anyone can apply for. If you would like to purchase a larger quantity of items than listed in any specific lot, or if you would like to purchase a number of lots simultaneously, contact our office and we would be happy to help.

Does Topper Liquidators Offer Bulk Discounts and How Do They Work?

We offer bulk discounts to anyone. We will help you buy any lot you wish and any number of lots you require. If you would like to discuss bulk discounts, please Contact Us.

How Does Shipping Closeouts with Topper Liquidators Work?

The majority of our listings can be bought online right away. This is because we enter shipping weight into our system and our website,, is connected to the major shipping services. This allows instant and accurate shipping quotes.

For items that require being shipped via pallet or cargo container, customers will need to Contact Us to arrange a shipping quote. When shipping via pallet or cargo container, Topper Liquidators can quote rates from various shipping agencies, or will happily work with the carrier of your choice.

How Do I Liquidate My Goods?

Looking to liquidate your excess inventory? We pay cash for quality goods! Move your merchandise quickly and easily by allowing us to be your liquidator. Visit our 'Have Goods to Sell?' page for more information.

How Do I Sign Up for an Account with Topper Liquidators?

Account Creation is fast, simple and best of all free! Visit our Create An Account Page to sign up now. You just provide your basic details, company info and shipping address. You can also sign up for our weekly Hot Deals emails to get first crack at new price reductions and limited time sales.

As a thank you to our new customers, we send you a coupon for 10% off your first visit when you sign up. This is emailed to your email address on file and may be used towards the purchase of any item or combination of items* in your first order. You must enter this code when checking out for the first time.

*Not valid on items labled "no additional discounts may be used."

Can I Access my Previous Orders or Other Account Information?

After you create an account with Topper Liquidators, you have access to your Address Books, Contact Information, and any Previous or Pending Orders you have placed. You may visit the Account Login page and enter your login details to view your history and account information.

What Makes Topper Liquidators the #1 Liquidator in the Marketplace?

For some of the best online shopping, look no further than Topper Liquidators. We sell a very wide variety of items at liquidation prices well below retail value. We specialize in large lots that range from 50% to 90% off the original price to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars even cheaper than wholesale.

Topper Liquidators is a company that buys goods of all kinds from a larger company that the other company no longer needs or wants. Topper Liquidators is able to get the goods at low prices because the other company needs to unload them for whatever reason. The liquidator then sells the items for an excellent price to whomever is interested. Here at Topper, we buy & sell some the best items at the best prices.

Topper Liquidators buys & sells virtually everything, from automotive supplies to clothes to furniture to jewelry. We even buy & sell building hardware and whole pallets . All at a great value and in excellent condition. We are proud to sell designer brands and have worked hard to earn a good reputation as a trusted wholesale liquidation company. When you buy from us, you can rest assured that the items you’re getting are in quality condition. No knock offs or badly made/damaged merchandise here. Almost everything we sell is brand new, with some returned items that are in very good condition. Likewise, sellers will get the best price for the items they need to get off their hands.

Businesses liquidate items often for several reasons. Sometimes they order too much of a certain thing and need to get rid of the surplus. Sometimes an item doesn’t sell as well as they thought it would. As well as, of course, when a store goes out of business and closes down. When that happens, they contact liquidators to unload merchandise that is no longer needed or wanted. The liquidator is able to buy the merchandise–sometimes even store fixtures–at rock bottom prices, then passes the savings along to customers.

Topper Liquidators has over 50 years of experience in the liquidation business to help us buy and sell items of every type at the best prices. Topper Liquidators are experts at selling and buying all kinds of merchandise at liquidation prices. We work with companies both big and small as well individuals to provide all your needs in either buying or selling. We’ll work with you directly to avoid the middleman and reduce overhead costs. Whether you run a business of your own or are in the market for something specific, we’re the people you should come to for some the best deals you can find. We sell a little of everything, from bridal & wedding supplies to art to electronics and everything in between.

So please visit Topper Liquidators website to browse our wide and varied selection of products, check out their incredible prices, and find out how you can sell with us. We offer some of the best prices and the best service you’ll ever hope to encounter in the liquidation industry.