Have Goods to Sell?

We buy your excess inventory!

Looking to liquidate your excess inventory? We pay cash for quality goods! Move your merchandise quickly and easily by allowing us to be your liquidator.

Why Sell to a Liquidator?

As a liquidation expert, we have years of experience in liquidating merchandise for small, medium and large companies in nearly every industry. From last-years wedding gowns to this years designer sunglasses models, we buy your goods at discount price and resell them ourselves.

Who Liquidates Merchandise?

Every sales or manufacturing company will at some point have excess goods they wish to move. Bridal boutiques need to move last year's styles, electronics manufacturers and retailers have new items coming in and need to make space, owner's looking to retire want to move their inventory, the reasons for liquidating goods can be numerous. Topper Liquidators offers cash for your goods and can quickly help raise revenue for your company.

What Quantity of Goods Will We Liquidate?

As a liquidator to small, medium and large businesses, we can make offers on nearly any size lot, whether it be one or two high-ticket items or literally truckloads of merchandise, give us an oppurtunity to make you and offer and help clear space or create income quickly and safely. 

How To Liquidate Your Goods

In order to liquidate your goods, the first thing to do is to create a basic inventory of your goods, collect some photos, put together a retail value and then get a sense of what you expect to get for your goods. This information allows us to make you a fair offer and makes understanding what you have to sell much easier.

How to Get Started

After gathering the information above, simply give us a call or send us and email. If you email, feel free to send the inventory and photos along with your initial email. To contact us by phone or email, use out Contact Us page.