Pro DJ Stash of a Wide Range of Latin Music CD's - 250pcs

Multiple Manufacturers
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Pro DJ Stash of Music CD's with a Pro Grundorf Case.

This lot comes from a world famous professional DJ's collection.

Includes over 250 CD's in a professional professional Case.

Music/Artist Details:

You get roughly 250 individual Latin Music CD's including singles, full EP's as well as compilations.

There may be a small number of duplicates.

All CD's are in clear plastic sleeves and most feature original album art and/or full printouts of the tracks.

Majority of this music is in the classic to vintage time group, don't expect any music from after 2006 or 2007.

This item is in used but good condition.

The case is very sturdy and durable, and is the perfect way to transport, store and show off this collection.

You get roughly 250 CD's as well as the case when you order this lot.