348pcs of Symbolic Love Rings in 8 Styles

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8 Styles of Symbolic Love Rings in multple colors.

Metal rings in either silver tone, gold tone, or rose gold tone.

This Lot Includes:

  • 48 x OR0663GL, Heart, Gold Tone
  • 48 x OR0663RG, Heart, Rose Gold Tone
  • 48 x OR0663SV, Heart, Silver Tone
  • 48 x OR0664AG, Leaves, Gold Tone
  • 48 x OR0664AR, Leaves, Rose Gold Tone
  • 24 x OR0664AS, Leaves, Silver Tone
  • 48 x OR0665AG, Arrow, Gold Tone
  • 36 x OR0665RG, Arrow, Rose Gold Tone

Adjustable fit.

These are brand new goods in original retail display packaging!

Individually barcoded for easy resale.

You get 348pcs of Rings when you buy this lot.