Working Display Locks, Leversets, Dealbolts and More - 36pcs

Multiple Manufacturers
Availability: Many in stock
$599.99 $8,000.00

Famous brands and nice locks.

Fully working and usable locks!

This lot is for locks mounted onto display board. These come from a hardware store and were used to display how different locks look when mounted to a door.

These are pretty high end locks, and this is a great oppurtunity to buy these nice locks at a very low price.

This Lot Includes:

  • 1 x Kwikset Handle & Deadbolt
  • 2 x Kwikset Handleset
  • 4 x Baldwin Lever and Dead Bolt Set
  • 1 x Baldwin Accesories Display
  • 3 x Emtek Lock and Leverset
  • 1 x Emtek Bronze Lever and Dead Bolt Set
  • 3 x K2 Deadbolt
  • 3 x K2 Leverset
  • 2 x Omnia Lever and Dead Bolt Set
  • 7 x Schlage Handleset
  • 2 x Schlage Deadbolt
  • 2 x Ashley Norton Handleset
  • 3 x Granduer by Nostalgic Handleset
  • 2 x Rocky Mountain Handleset

All items are SAMPLES mounted to DISPLAYS.

They are all real locks and function normally, they are just installed into displays. They do not include hardware for the frame side, only include the hardware used to secure them to the door.

They are in very good condition.

You get 36 locks in total.