38,661pcs of Liquidated Sterling, Gold, and Stainless Jewelry

Multiple Manufacturers
Availability: Many in stock
$31,999.99 $647,848.49

VERY HEAVY Closeout Jewelry Lot!

This jewelry came from a MAJOR US jewelry store chain.

This lot includes roughly 60% brand new goods and roughly 40% broken/defective items.

Includes all types of jewelry from chians to bracelets to rings, earring, body jewelry and more.

Some pieces include stones, including diamonds.

Includes Sterling Silver, 10K and 14K Gold, Stainless and More.

Each item is individually bagged and includes retail pricing.

Goods retail from $5 up to $500+ each.

Total weight of 400lbs, full inventory available upon request.

You get ALL 38,661 pcs when you order this lot.

Goods are on hand in our facility.

This is a pallet lot. You MUST contact us to arrange shipping.