48pcs of Lightning Rabbit iPhone 30-Pin to USB Cables

Lightning Rabbit
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Lightning Rabbit iPhone 30-Pin to USB Cables

The 30-Pin to USB charging cable works with older Apple devices like the iPhone 4, iPads and iPods. Features a 5 ft long fabric wound cable and aluminum tips.

Get your charge on with the Old Skool Rabbit, a 30-Pin to USB Apple charging cable that works with old Apple devices such as the iPhone 4, older iPad tablets and iPods. Easily connect your iPhone, iPod or iPad to any computer or USB port and recharge your device or sync information simultaneously. You can also use the USB to connect to an Apple USB power adapter.

Item Details:

  • Strong 5 ft fabric wound cable
  • USB to Apple 30 pin Connector
  • Sleek and polished aluminum ends
  • Bright colors to go with any pair of underwear or birthday suit

Sync Information

If you are using a desktop or laptop and are looking to download music, video or pictures to your Apple device, you can use the Old Skool Rabbit 30-Pin to USB to get the job done quickly and safely. Simply plug in the 30-Pin to USB into your Apple device and the USB into your computer and viola, share information freely between the two!

Recharge Apple Devices

The 30-Pin to USB is unique to Apple products and is designed to help you recharge your older model iPhones, iPads and iPods directly through your computer. Because it pulls electricity directly from your computer, you don’t need a dedicated charger or charging dock. The USB can also be plugged into a Apple USB power adapter so you can recharge directly through a wall outlet.

Designed to Fit

The Old Skool Rabbit was created independently by a team of super-smart engineers (i.e. nerds) who wanted to improve upon the standard charging cables that come with Apple products. Fueled by the demands of savvy consumers like yourself, our team created beautiful charging devices that will perfectly fit your 30-Pin to USB devices. This fit ensures a quick charge and data sharing with the added benefit of a longer, more durable cable in three sweet colors.

Brand new goods.

This lot includes 24pcs of silver and 24pcs of purple.

These are bulk packaged, meaning that they are individually packaged in plastic without branded packaging.

You get 48 Apple 30-Pin to USB cables when you order this lot.