50pcs Multiple Brand High-End Watches

Multiple Manufacturers
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50pcs Multiple Brand High-End Watches

This lot is for 50 watches from Brand Names like Techno Marine, Elini, Swiss Legend and Red Line.
All are bran new goods in original packaging.

14pcs of Swiss Legend
A spirited, energizing watches from Swiss Legend. Outstanding chronograph features premium Swiss-made craftsmanship inside and out. The bold, modern styling makes a statement.

Swiss Legend     SL-1006-YG-03-BLB                        6

Swiss Legend     SL-11876-TIB-012                            1

Swiss Legend     SL-22038C-02-BRWS                      2

Swiss Legend     SL-11876-TIB-01-OAS                     3

Swiss Legend     SL-11876-TI-012                               2




13pcs of Red Line
Red Line watches with their dynamic design strength and precision craftsmanship are an extension of one’s actions –those who push every limit to the extreme.

Red Line               RL-50052-GM-014-WAS                  1

Red Line               RL-50052-03                                     1

Red Line               RL-50039-RG-11                              3

Red Line               RL-50039-22s                                   1

Red Line               RL-50050-BB-01                               1

Red Line               RL-50034-BB-01                               1

Red Line               RL-50038-BB-01                               2

Red Line               RL-50052-BB-01-Grya                     1

Red Line               RL-50043-BB-22S                            1



14pcs of Elini
Elini watches are sleek and sophisticated. With an eye to precision Swiss components and a focus on fashion that transcends trends, every piece offers a unique perspective in the use of shapes and finishes.

Elini Barokas       ELINI-10056-02S                           2

Elini Barokas      ELINI-10056-01                               2

Elini Barokas       ELINI-10056-01-0BBLSA               1

Elini Barokas       ELINI-10056-BB-02S WHTS          1

Elini Barokas      ELINI-12987-BB-01-WA                  1

Elini Barokas      ELINI-20005D-02                             4

Elini Barokas      ELINI-10005-BB-01-GRYA              1

Elini Barokas      ELINI-20000-RG-01                         1

Elini Barokas      ELINI-12987-BB-01-0A                    1


9pcs of Techno Marine
With a domed, mineral crystal housing a silver-tone dial set inside a liquid substance that creates a bubble appearance, this Aqua Sphere Techno marine timepiece is a bold and stylish addition to anyone's collection. The polished, blue ion plated stainless steel case with clean white silicone strap and blue underside on the strap come together to create an eye-catching accessory that will have everyone talking.

Techno Marine TECHNO-TM-813001                     9


This lot is for 50 Watches
All watches come with box and manuals and are in working condition.