50 Rolls of 1/6" Thick Tool Box Drawer Liner

Dirty Dog Garage
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Dirty Dog Gare Tool Box Drawer Liner

This 27” wide x 36' tool box drawer liner is made by Dirty Dog Garage.

The DDG Tool Box Drawer Liner is a top quality, non-slip drawer and shelf vinyl liner that can instantly upgrade your old or new tool box.

Its 1/6” thick cushioning and ribbed, non-slip surface will keep all your in place and organized.

Grey in color, acid and grease resistant, easily wipes clean. Easily cuts to fit most professional tool boxes.

This lot consists of 1 full pallet.

Item Details:

  • Non-slip, ribbed surface prevents any shifting or sliding of tools
  • Protects drawers and shelving from spills, nicks, abrasions
  • Resistant to oil, solvents, and other automotive fluids
  • Durable tear resistant scrim inside of material
  • Solid liner: no holes or mesh that will trap dirt
  • Easily cuts to fit most professional tool boxes
  • 27 inches wide x 36 feet long x 1/6” thickness

Brand new goods.

You get 50 rolls when you order this lot.

This is a pallet lot. You MUST contact us to arrange shipping/pickup.