576pcs Bulk Packed Waste Bagger Pro Garbage Bag Tool

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Waste Bagger Pro lets you Get a Handle on Your Bag and is the Ultimate Waste Cleanup Tool for bagging any kind of debris (trash, paper, dirt, sharp objects, bottles/cans, unsanitary items, leaves, landscape debris) without bending, stooping, and twisting or touching wet or contaminated items with your hands. The kit includes the bagger frame with rim grips and wall mount.

Unlike other bagging tools, the patented WasteBagger Pro brings the bag to the debris, rather than vice versa!  Use it while walking with the comfortable rim gip to minimize wrist stress.  Holds plastic or degradable bags open so you don’t have to and fills the bag in 1 easy step with a grabber or spike, on both lawn and hard surfaces.

Bags attach to the frame with a bungee cord (included) and there is no tooling required for assembly. The wall mount can be installed almost anywhere, depending upon your needs.  Quick, clean and easy, you can attach any brand of bag sizes 30 gallon or larger or use the eco-friendly reusable WasteBag accessory (sold separately) for filling composters and dumpsters. Made of powder-coated steel sheet metal, WasteBagger Pro is light and easy to use weighing only 1.5 pounds (frame with rim grips).

Great for all workers who need efficiency, cleanliness, and increased visibility.

General Specifications:

  • Universal design fits plastic trash bags sizes 30 gallon and above
  • Opening width is 17" - easy to pair with grabbers, spikes, shrub rakes or brooms
  • Maximum recommended load of 15 pounds
  • Tool is constructed of steel sheet metal
  • Light and easy to handle - total weight 1.5 pounds (frame only)
  • Powder coat paint finish for extra corrosion resistance
  • Handle attaches with simple quick release buttons - no tooling required
  • Stores on included wall mount for use as a trash can
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 7,374,135 & 7,708,236
  • Features & Benefits
  • Clean - eliminates touching trash with hands and secures bag/debris in high wind events
  • Complete - holds bags open for easy filling while walking (rim grip only) or while stationary (wall mount)
  • Durable - steel construction with corrosion resistant powder coat finish yet lightweight (only 1.5 pounds)
  • Easy - offers superior bag control and reduces bending, stooping, and twisting
  • Efficient - large mouth opening accepts most debris while also increasing worker visibility
  • Ergonomic - comfortable rim grip or handle will minimize wrist stress and worker fatigue
  • Quick - patented bunie-in-track design allows for fast bag change-out between fills
  • Bag Attachment is a Snap!
  • The circular frame has a track around the entire perimeter that holds the bungee cord. This provides complete perimeter contact with the bag, ensuring a secure hold that won’t come off until you take it off, while offering the fastest bag changeout!

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