Air Stocking - TERRA-COTTA - 0.7 Fluid oz Case of 48

Air Stocking
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TERRA-COTTA Air Stocking 0.7 Fluid oz. - Travel Size Can Up to 6 applications per can. SPF formula protects skin from harmful UV rays. Contains AquaSilk - Hydrolized silk (a blend of amino acids, green tea and caffeine). Waterproof properties resist against sweat and water. Air Stocking spray-on hosiery alternative that's formulated with real Hydrolyzed Silk. Air Stocking replaces the need for hosiery and the discomfort and frustration that go along with it. Covers unsightly blemishes such as scars and spider veins. Air Stockings never run in the heat or rain. The product will not stain your clothing when allowed to dry properly.

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